Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sura's Geek Verse

Welcome to the renaming of Sura's Basement to Sura's Geek 'Verse.

Since my writing spot in my house is a corner in the basement, Sura's Basement seemed more fitting to my whole writing world. Not sure if I will retire the title or reuse it to be the name of a hub linking all blogs together.

Anyway, this blog, whether visited frequently by you or me, will be where I delve into matters that are important in the realm of Science Fiction and Fantasy (mainly issues important to me). It will be a celebration of the Geek I am at the age I am. I may not see eye to eye with the younger generations, but as I teach many young minds in my Science Fiction and Fantasy class, I feel that the patowans and I do share a common ground (one I created). The are young in the ways of the Force.

And that being said, the 'Verse is always expanding. As each star wars with time, we will boldly trek into the black toward those points of light that shine like fireflies. We shall sing Hal-elujah to the Titans that created the great movies and awesome novels that inspire.

The possibilities are endless; we will never say, "I'm sorry, Dave. I can't do that" (except when quoting the movie).

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